How Our CNC Machine Works!

Computer numerical code: Referred to as CNC is the technology used in machinery to fabricate almost everything from electronics to automobiles to fabrication of wood cabinets and doors.
Our CNC machine is not only compact in size but capable of processing all 4ft by 8 ft sheets for all our cabinet box parts. It not only drills all required holes for hinge plates, shelf pins, dowel locations, etc, but cuts all the parts.

The accuracy is unsurpassed versus the old method of cutting parts out on a panel saw and reduces the time immensely.

Once the design has been completed it is placed into a cutlist program. This program converts all the boxes into parts and pieces. Changes everything into numerical code one line at a time and turns it into a CNC program. This code tells the machine the exact location of where and what to drill as well as where to cut out each part. Each page of code will represent one sheet of parts. If you watch this short video it will also show the computer screen with the code.
Click on the link to see a partial program with our machine in progress.